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Thank you for joining us for auditions!

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AUDITION DATES are January 6 & 8 at Brandy's in Irwin (formerly Cafe' Supreme), from 7 pm to 10 pm.
200 Main St, Irwin, PA 15642

SHOW DATES are April 3 - 11 at the Theatre Factory in Trafford.

WHO'S NEEDED? Men and women, ages 20 and up! Also needed are two teenagers.

(The parts of Winston Smith and O'Brien are male and the parts of Julia and the Landlady are female. With minor line changes, all the other parts can be played by either men or women.)

Auditions will be cold readings from the script.

LOUDSPEAKER VOICE: The "voice of the people" who dictates the laws of society. (Voice over work, will be pre-recorded.)
SYM: A pale and timid, scholarly person, hesitant and self-effacing in manner.
PARSONS: Jovial, dim, and middle age. A member of the "Anti-Sex League."
WINSTON SMITH: An intelligent young man who disagrees with much of what he encounters but is too careful to express these feelings.
O'BRIEN: Coarse, humorous, brutal. In spite of his formidable appearance, he does have a certain charm and manner.
JULIA: Small, young woman. She is prim and rather diffident. A member of the "Anti-Sex League."
GLADYS: A fourteen year old who is a member of the Children's Spy Organization.
LANDLADY: An unkempt woman.
MESSENGER and COFFEE VENDOR: Both teenagers. Members of the party. Implied they are members of the Children's Spy Organization.
GUARDS: Enforcers of the Party. The loyal muscle of Big Brother.
WAITRESS or WAITER: A rather slovenly person, trying to stay out of the sight of the Party.
GOLDSTEIN's VOICE: Goldstein is the leader of the Resistance. His voice is heard through a loudspeaker. (This is voice work and would be pre-recorded.)
BIG BROTHER: The voice of the Party and the symbol of authoritarianism. (This is voice over work and would be pre-recorded.)

Directed by Rob MacIntyre.

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