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Welcome to the Shadowbox Players!

Radio ACTive Theater

Happy Halloween everyone!  And welcome to the first production of Radio ACTive Theater, a production company of The Shadowbox Players!  Radio ACTive Theater looks to produce quality entertainment in the style of classic radio dramas.  And what better radio drama to start with than the most infamous one in American history?  

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you the H.G. Wells classic, "The War of the Worlds" as told by Orson Welles!  We want to welcome you to this new chapter of The Shadowbox Players and we hope you enjoy!



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The War of the Worlds Audio File

Download The War of the Worlds audio file here!

Radio ACTive Theater The War of the Worlds
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On October 30, 1938 Orson Welles and The Mercury Theater on the Air made history with a radio broadcast of their interpretation of H.G. Wells’s classic, “The War of the Worlds.” Listeners didn’t realize that what was playing was a radio drama and the populace panicked. Hunters went out into the night, armed and looking for Martians. The illusion of realism was further sustained by the Mercury Theater on the Air by not breaking for commercials, as would be appropriate in a time of emergency. Local legend says that listeners were tuned into “The Chase and Sanborn Hour” and changed channels to “The War of the Worlds” during the musical interlude and thus missing the clear disclaimer at the beginning of the broadcast.


Today the Radio ACTive Theater, a branch of The Shadowbox Players, brings to you a modern telling of The Mercury Theater on the Air’s classic broadcast. On behalf of myself, Radio ACTive Theater, The Shadowbox Players and everyone who was involved with this project; we hope you enjoy it!


Happy Halloween!


-Rob MacIntyre


CAST (in order of appearance):

Mike Krcil: Opening Announcer, Professor Richard Pierson

Rob MacIntyre: Himself

Maddy Kae Gressman: News Broadcaster

Mickey Grabner: Meridian Room MC, Captain Lansing, 2X2L Operator

Andy Nesky: Reporter Carl Phillips

Bridget Malley: Police Woman, Harriet McDonald Vice President of Operations, Gunner, Newark Operator

Mike Puskar: Farmer Wilmuth, General Montgomery Smith, Gunnery Officer, Langham Field Operator Rachel Dillinger: Secretary of the Interior, Observer, Bayonne Operator, 8X3R Operator, The Stranger

Ben Surmacz: Lieutenant Voght

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