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The sun is setting on the Golden Age and two women find themselves thrust into a world neither of them anticipated.  When Anne and Mary have to masquerade as men to serve among the men, they risk their lives to live the only way they can.

Pirate Queens is an original play written and directed by Rob MacIntyre that tells the true life stories of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, two women forced to hide who they are aboard the last pirate ship of the Golden Age, the Revenge.  Both being born to selfish parents, living through tragic marriages, and living among a crew that includes a sadistic bosun named Clegg and their captain, Calico Jack, Anne and Mary plot their own course through life and establish themselves on the high seas as true Pirate Queens!

This show may not be appropriate for children due to strong language, violence, and sexual content.


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Pirate Queens is being presented at

The Theatre Factory

235 Cavitt Ave

Trafford PA, 15085

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